PartnerLinQ for Headless Commerce

Cutting-edge connectivity for the new era of eCommerce

Make true omnichannel commerce a reality

As the world continues to operate in an increasingly digital reality, increased customer interactions require innovations like Headless Commerce – an architecture that separates the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce solution to enable faster and more flexible eCommerce customer experiences. Due to its multi-channel integration capabilities, PartnerLinQ combines perfectly with a Headless Commerce architecture to enable integrated experiences for customers and connected trading partners. It offers a layer of API integrations that enables delivery of tailored experiences unique to customer preferences.

Build a flexible and connected logistics network with PartnerlinQ

From sending an order requisition to tender of shipment from payments fulfilment to inventory and stock management PartnerlinQ streamlines the process with lightning speed eliminating all manual entries and reducing paperwork. With fully integrated network you can convert the overheads in the logistics to your competitive advantage and enable adaptive supply chains with real-time visibility of product information, customers, and order fulfilment.

Headless Commerce

Reimagine connected commerce with PartnerLinQ

PartnerLinQ is designed to increase flexibility, while also enabling a personalized and end-to-end process that helps merchants achieve faster time to market and increased profits.
  • Unified platform- Simplify digital business communication with a unified platform that supports EDI, real-time APIs, and proprietary file-based formats.
  • Industry-leading support- Maximize business agility and maintain control while minimizing complexities with our team of industry-leading support and service specialists.
  • Multi-channel integrations-Expand your market reach by seamlessly integrating.
  • Fast Onboarding-Quickly get down to business with fast and smooth onboarding of customers and partners.
  • Cost Reductions- Dramatically reduce operating costs through robust monitoring, issue identification, and rapid “on the fly” remediation.
  • Real-time analytics & insights- Generate insights for all involved stakeholders through powerful analytical capabilities to enable informed decision making.
  • Faster time to value- Increase speed of value delivery to customers and partners across the value chain using pre-defined business rules and process templates.
  • Multiple deployment options- Stay on top of the rapidly evolving needs of today’s business and technology landscape with on-premises as well as cloud deployment options.
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